High Life

High Life


 Claire Denis

2018, 1 h 53 min

Somewhere in a galaxy far away, beyond our solar system, Monte brings up his daughter Willow in complete isolation, on board of a space ship. He became a father against his will: his sperm was collected to inseminate Boyse. They used to be among ex-prisoners and convicts sent into space as guinea pigs to find a black hole nearest to Earth. Now, years later, Monte and his daughter are the only ones left.

written by Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau 

director of photography Yorick Le Saux, Tomasz Naumiuk
music Stuart A. Staples
production design Francois-Renaud Labarthe, Mela Melak, Jagna Dobesz
costume design Justyna Stolarz
make-up Denis Gastou, Marcin Rodak
edited by Guy Lecorne
casting by Piotr Bartuszek
cast Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, Agata Buzek, André Benjamin, Mia Goth
production Andrew Lauren Production, Pandora Film, Alcatraz Films, The Apocalypse Filmy Company, Madants
producers Andrew Lauren, D.J. Gugenheim, Christoph Friedel, Claudia Steffen, Olivier Théry-Lapiney, Laurence Clerc, Oliver Dungey, Klaudia Śmieja
executive producers Julia Balaeskoul, Nusseibeh Isabel Davis
production manager Bogna Szewczyk
co-financed by Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej
distributed by Against Gravity
Main Competition
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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