Radek Dunaszewski

2009, 1 h 20 min

The story inspired by the true events of February 2006 when the whole country followed the proceedings of a dramatic mine Halemba rescue. One of the miners – Zbyszek Nowak – was trapped underground. On the fourth day of operation, when everyone lost hope in saving him, rescuers heard faint clanging at a pipeline. “It’s a miracle, the lad’s alive!” – people repeated in disbelief. After near a week-long recue, Zbyszek Nowak was pulled out on the surface. His saving was one of the things impossible to explain rationally. Zbyszek himself had little doubts: “I knew that I haven’t done all the things in my life yet….”

Directed by: Radek Dunaszewski

Written by: Radek Dunaszewski, Piotr Fede

Director of photography: Jacek Januszyk

Music by: Motion Trio

Production design by: Anna Niemira

Sound: Mirosław Gibas

Editing: Tadeusz Talar

Costume design by: Jolanta Łagowska

Make-up: Alicja Mierzejewska

Production manager: Artur Polański

Produced by: TVN S.A., Silesia Film Instytucja Filmowa

Producer: Marta Grela-Gorostiza, Krystyna Lasoń, Dariusz Gąsiorowski

Co-produced by: Silesia Film Instytucja Filmowa

Distribution: TVN S.A.

World sales: TVN S.A.

Actress in a leading role: Sonia Bohosiewicz

Actor in a leading role: Krzysztof Respondek

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Konkurs Młodego Kina
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