Radosław Markiewicz

2005, 1 h 30 min

The story about a man who seeks God. Jozue, a 40-year-old monk, leaves his monastery to take care of a dying hermit. Disappointed with people, he decides to take the man’s place in order to finish an iconostas started by the hermit. ‘Metanoia’ – from Greek means repentance, spiritual evolution, the process of ascetic moral amendment. ‘Attrition’, strictly speaking, that is a revolution in ‘nous’ which means conscience or a mind as a place where the whole human existence integrates. The point that can open or close to God and other people. In ascesis, ‘nous’ is very close to a ‘heart’. Metanoia transforms ‘the heart from stone’ into ‘the heart from flesh’. Dictionary of Theological Terms.

Written by: Radosław Markiewicz
Director of photography: Dariusz Radecki
Music by: Maciej Talaga
Production design by: Grzegorz Policiński
Costume design by: Katarzyna Kańska, Agnieszka Modelska
Editing: Norbert Rudzik
Sound: Krzysztof Suchodolski, Jacek Gołąb
Cast: Mariusz Bonaszewski (Jozue), Arkadiusz Bazak (abbot), Jerzy Wasiuczyński (hermit), Marta Król (woman)
Production manager: Michał Tatarek
Produced by: Polish Television Film Agency
Co-produced by: Gama-Film Sp. z o.o.
Executive producer: Gama-Film Sp. z o.o.

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