Missing the Boat

Missing the Boat


Kordian Piwowarski

2004, 0 h 35 min

The boat ‘has entered’ the European Union. The new reality is of great importance to the city residents: jobless pianist Lech will be hired if he shaves his mustache. His daughter Ania meets mysterious Carlos and hopes to get away from Poland soon. Meanwhile, Issak Grohman arrives from New York to Lodz with his grandson in order to find his family roots.

Written by: Kordian Piwowarski
Director of photography: Bartek Kaczmarek
Production design by: Katarzyna Marsztakow
Costume design by: Halina Piwowarska
Editing: Bogusława Furga
Cast: Bogusław Suszka (Lech), Szymon Szurmiej (Issak), Ania Dykczak (Ania), Dawid Szurmiej (Dan), Rey Ceballo (Carlos), Mariola Kukuła (Ela), Bin Hiep-Nguyen Tien, Kazimierz Droździel (Wąsaty), Mateusz Młodzianowski (security guard), Monika Kazimierczak (receptionist), Kordian Piwowarski (two man and a wardrobe), Bartek Kaczmarek (two man and a wardrobe)
Production managers: Jacek Wosiewicz, Michał Sitek
Produced by: Lodz Film School
Distributed by: open

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