Not Enough

Not Enough


Daniel Strehlau

2004, 0 h 30 min

In a café, Ania breaks up with Marek even though she loves him. Marek would like to date another girl but he still thinks about Ania. He meets Kuba who’s been left by Agata and can’t get over it. Agata dates Jacek who claims that he loves her. When it turns out to be a lie, Agata hurts a lot and starts thinking about Kuba gain. But the man has already accepted how pointless were his attempts to win her heart…

Written by: Daniel Strehlau
Director of photography: Sławomir Orman
Music by: Adrian Konarski
Sound: Jacek Bąk
Cast: Daniel Strehlau (Marek), Jan Wieczorkowski (Kuba), Marcin Dorociński (Jacek), Joanna Pierzak (Agata), Magda Różczka (Ania), Monika Krzywkowska (Monika)
Produced by: Studio Filmowe OKNA, Daniel Strehlau
Co-produced by: Aeroskop, Casablanca Studio, Totam TO ARTE & MEDIA, Studio MEDIART
Producer: Daniel Strehlau

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