Roly Poly

Roly Poly


Andrzej Wajda

1968, 0 h 35 min

A racing duo, the Fox brothers, have a serious accident. A complicated transplant is the only way to save them. Despite the success, this new medical technology turns out to be a nuisance for the patient. Especially if repeated after the next couple of car crashes. Roly Poly is probably the biggest achievement of Polish fantasy film. The crew of masters (Wajda, Zdort and Lem, the author of the screenplay!) blended with an outstanding cast (Bogumił Kobiela playing the lead role) into a truly explosive mixture. Stanisław Lem regarded this surprising, almost campy, film directed by the Polish master as the best adaptation of his prose.

directed by: Andrzej Wajda

written by: Stanisław Lem

director of photography: Wiesław Zdort

music: Andrzej Markowski

production design: Teresa Barska

costume design: Barbara Hoff

make-up: Krystyna Chmielewska

sound: Wiesława Dembińska

edited by: Halina Prugar, Grażyna Pliszczyńska

cast: Bogumił Kobiela, Ryszard Filipski, Anna Prucnal, Jerzy Zelnik, Piotr Wysocki, Tadeusz Pluciński, Gerard Wilk

production: Zespół Filmowy Kamera

production manager: Barbara Pec-Ślesicka

Main Competition
Microbudget Film Competition
Short Film Competition