Run Away From Here

Run Away From Here


Mathias Mezler

2005, 0 h 55 min

Three friends from apartment blocks – a Philosophy student, a gas station worker and a drug dealer – want the same thing: to go abroad and earn money. The student gets a US Visa and is ready to work for his uncle. The situation complicates when the policeman working on the dealer starts blackmailing the student to turn in his friend.

Written by: Mathias Mezler
Director of photography: Marco Ragazzi
Editing: Mathias Mezler
Sound: Mrokas (Aifam), Mathias Mezler
Cast: Mathias Mezler, Łukasz Rożek, Oskar Lepczyński, Luiza Banach
Produced by: Mathias Mezler
Executive producer: Mathias Mezler

Main Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe