The Third


Jan Hryniak

2004, 1 h 35 min

Paweł and Ewa are young yuppies spending their long-planned and anticipated holidays on a yacht. Ewa – attractive, intelligent and charming – is a bit tired and bored with all work and no play. The cruise was supposed to help their relationship. Unfortunately, Paweł has to go back – a multimillion contract is far more important. A newly met older man seems to be enjoying and tasting the life. He’s willing to help the couple but does it against their will and with radical methods.

Written by: Wojciech Zimiński
Director of photography: Marek Rajca
Music by: Wojciech Waglewski
Production design by: Katarzyna Hencz, Tomasz Stasiński
Costume design by: Grażyna Grzymała
Editing: Jarosław Barzan
Sound: Piotr Domaradzki
Cast: Marek Kondrat (old man), Jacek Poniedziałek (Paweł), Magdalena Cielecka (Ewa)
Production manager: Piotr Śnieg
Produced by: Figaro sp. z o.o.
Co-produced by: Agencja Produkcji Filmowej, Orka Film, Non Stop Film Service, Centertel
Executive producer: Figaro sp. z o.o.
Producer: Kazimierz Rozwałka
Distributed by: Kino Świat International
World sales: open

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