Theatrum Magicum

Theatrum Magicum


Marcin Giżycki

2016, 0 h 24 min

The end of the 18th century, a scenery of the Palace of Łańcut. The camera is wandering around dark chambers, only shapes of phantom figures in rococo costumes can be seen in darkness. On the stage of a miniature doll theatre, there is a performance of an illusionist taking place, where one can recognize three connected figures: Kasandra from Parady, Georges Méliès from his own films and the great 18th century baron Münchhausen, known from the film by Karel Zeman and illustrations by Gustave Doré. In the following scenes, the illusionist uses magical items: a lantern, a mirror and a box, and his performance seems to have no end. A trick-animation film treating actors like dolls, it uses animation and drawing film. It includes references to the writing of count Potocki and the beginnings of cinema.

written by Marcin Giżycki 

director of photography Zbigniew Kotecki
music Sławomir Szudrowicz, Kordian Lewandwoski
art director Marta Filipiak
costume design Marta Filipiak
make-up Małgorzata Klonecka, Angelika Piotrowska
choreographer Emilia Malczyk
sound Piotr Pawlak
special effects Marcin Roszczyniała
edited by Marcin Giżycki, Łukasz Owczarzak
cast Marcin Połoniewicz, Diana Ronnberg, Kordian Lewandowski, Grzegorz Pleszyński, Tadeusz Żak, Kamil Milewski
production Fundacja Kultury Rozruch
co-produced by Muzeum Zamkowe w Łańcucie, Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny
executive producer Marta Filipiak
production manager Piotr Noszczyk
co-financed by Polish Film Institute
distribution Fundacja Kultury Rozruch

Main Competition
Konkurs Inne Spojrzenie
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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