Tree Doctor


Janusz Zaorski

2005, 1 h 13 min

Szymon finds a naked woman on a lake shore an takes her to his solitary house. At first, she’s shocked but then starts to speak about herself. For the next days, the stranger tells unbelievable but probable and yet contradictory stories from her life. Like Scheherazade who wants to fascinate the listener to let her stay in for another day. Nobody knows which version of her tale is true. It seems that she’s playing an intricate game. One day she seems to be a woman who went through hell, the other she’s more like a child lost in its own lies. But she’s not the only one who keeps a secret. The characters play a complicated game where mutual disgust is combined with fascination and desire.

Written by: Jerzy Niemczuk
Director of photography: Andrzej Wolf
Music by: Andrzej Kurylewicz, Zespół Gribojedow
Costume design by: Ida Karpińska
Make-up: Ida Karpińska
Editing: Milenia Fiedler
Sound: Grzegorz Nawara, Leszek Freund
Cast: Magdalena Różczka (Kaja), Tadeusz Szymków (Szymon), Maria Pakulnis (She)
Production manager: Anna Krzysztofowicz
Produced by: ZA PRODUCTION Janusz Zaorski
Executive producer: ZA PRODUCTION Janusz Zaorski
Distributed by: Gutek Film

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