Artur Tomczak

2006, 1 h 24 min

A very promising student of the Gdansk University of Technology quite unexpectedly quits his career at a UNITRA manufacture and starts working as a detective. His talent is quickly recognized by special forces all around the world. Where the special agents fail, engineer Walczak enters the action. He’s famous for solving cases in less than 24 hours. In “Akademicka” restaurant at the Polish Institute of Sciences in Warsaw, there is a series of dangerous poisonings of Polish scientists. Major Tomczyk from the Department of Security commissions engineer Walczak to investigate the problem. The death of a beautiful Miss Jola leads Walczak straight to the poisoner – Mr. Władeczek, a cloakroom attendant who runs away from the crime scene. The man leaves the trail leading as far as to Rio de Janeiro.

Written by: Artur Tomczak
Directors of photography: Marek Wojciechowski, Marek Zygmunt, Mateusz Macur
Production design by: Kasia Małafiejska
Costume design by: Kasia Małafiejska
Editing: Artur Tomczak
Sound: Radosław Ochnio
Cast: Karolina Adamska, Artur Tomczak, Roman Przylipiak, Arkadiusz Hronowski
Production manager: Kasia Małafiejska
Produced by: Coco Tornado, Sopocka Odessa
Producers: Artur Tomczak, Arkadiusz Hronowski

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