Who never lived…


Andrzej Seweryn

2006, 1 h 44 min

Young and charismatic priest Jan casually helps troubled youth. His methods and the fact that he’s close to drug taking community is suspicious for his superiors so he’s appointed to leave for studies in Rome. Jan is convinced that it’s an attempt to separate him from the faithful youth who needs help and feels ready to fight for where he belongs. Life, however, dramatically changes all his plans. At a hospital, Jan learns he’s HIV positive. The young priest has to face the Job’s trials alone. He leaves his friends and parish to hide in an old monastery hoping that physical work will help him drown out his weakness, his doubt in faith and a grudge he holds against God. The life in isolation, though, doesn’t alleviate the pain. The suffering brought along by the illness and intolerance he experiences forces him to leave the monastery. He sets off on a path that’s supposed to end his life but unexpectedly brings hope instead. The meeting with three young travelers will show him a new picture of life and lead to an old friend Paweł, a famous musician and a brother of one of the drug addicts he used to help. This exceptional journey forces Jan to once again confront his illness and people he used to teach and abandoned with no word.

Based on the promotional materials.

Written by: Maciej Strzembosz
Director of photography: Piotr Wojtowicz
Music by: Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
Production design by: Janusz Sosnowski
Costume design by: Dorota Roqueplo
Editing: Anne Goursaud, Wojciech Mrówczyński
Sound: Piotr Knop, Krzysztof Wodziński
Cast: Michał Żebrowski (priest Jan), Joanna Sydor (Marta), Robert Janowski (Paweł), Teresa Marczewska (Jan’s mother), Stefan Burczyk (confessor), Andrzej Żarnecki (bishop), Cezary Iber (Krzysztof), Natalia Rybicka (Kasia), Mateusz Banasiuk (Mateusz), Wojciech Mecwaldowski (Artur), Joanna Liszowska (Elka), Bogusław Parchimowicz (Jarek), Piotr Szczepanik (prior), Aleksander Bednarz (father Leon), Robert Więckiewicz (garbage collector), Józef Fryźlewicz (provost), Andrzej Seweryn (department head), Marek Kałużyński (gatekeeper), Modest Ruciński (novice), Joanna Jabłczyńska (Marysia), Marcel Nowek (Latinist), Maja Barełkowska (Mrs. Leszczyński), Andrzej Hudziak (Marysia’s father), Monika Niemczyk (Marysia’s mother), Michał Gadomski (policeman), Marcin Kwaśny (monk), Tytus Hołdys (drug addict)
Production manager: Józef Jarosz
Produced by: Satchwell Warszawa
Co-produced by: Polish Television Film Agency, Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych, Studio Filmowe “Kadr”
Producer: Mirosław Słowiński
Distributed by: Monolith Plus
World sales: Satchwell Warszawa, Telewizja Polska S.A.- Biuro Współpracy Międzynarodowej i Handlu
Co-financed by: Polish Film Institute

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