Your Name is Justine

Your Name is Justine


Franco de Pena

2005, 1 h 37 min

Mariola dreams of getting out of a small town. She wants a better life. Artur, her boyfriend who lives in Germany, invites her on a short trip so he could introduce her to his parents. On their way, they have a stopover at Arthur’s friend’s in Berlin. They show up and give him money. Mariola has just been sold as a prostitute. In the world, each year 2 million people are sold. 200 000 of them are women bought to brothels. Among them, 15 000 Polish women. The film tells the story of one of them.

Written by: Franco de Pena, Tomasz Kępski, Chris Burdza
Director of photography: Arek Tomiak
Music by: Nikos Kypourgos
Production design by: Christina Schaffer
Costume design by: Ulli Kremer
Editing: Jarosław Kamiński
Sound: Jan Freda
Cast: Anna Cieślak (Mariola), Arno Frisch, Małgorzata Buczkowska, Katarzyna Cygler, Rafał Maćkowiak, Mathieu Carriere
Production managers: Henryk Parnowski, Brigitte Kerger-Santos
Produced by: Opus Film
Co-produced by: Hemispheres Films, Polish Television Film Agency, Canal+ Polska, Eurimages, Agencja Produkcji Filmowej (co-financing), Luxembourg Film Fund
Executive producer: Opus Film
Producers: Piotr Dzięcioł, Stephan Carpiaux, Wioletta Gradkowska

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