Born prematurely, diagnosed as an autistic child, Grzegorz lives in his own, hermetic world not being able to connect with others. When he is a teenager, it turns out that the cause of Grzegorz’s isolation is not autism but a deep hearing impairment, underneath which a great musical talent has been hidden for years. Thanks to a hearing aid, Grzegorz starts to discover speech, sound, and music, in which he falls in love.
Grzegorz now desires to become a pianist and perform at a great philharmonic concert hall. But no one, apart from him and his family, believes that this deaf boy – though aided with new technology – will ever make his dream come true.

Sonata is a dramatically moving film that takes place in the majestic Tatra Mountains and tells the real story of a unique musician – Grzegorz Płonka from a small town, Murzasichle. It shows an incredible journey, burdened with huge effort and great struggle to achieve the impossible.

The film is the director’s feature-length debut.

directed by: Bartosz Blaschke

written by: Bartosz Blaschke

director of photography: Tomasz Augustynek

music: Krzysztof A. Janczak

production design: Alicja Kazimierczak

costume design: Emilia Czartoryska

make-up: Anna Gorońska

sound: Artur Kuczkowski

edited by: Robert Piechnik

casting by: Julia Popkiewicz-Kurzawa

cast: Małgorzata Foremniak, Michał Sikorski, Łukasz Simlat

production: Mediabrigade

producenci: Sylwester Banaszkiewicz, Marcin Kurek

co-produced by: Telewizja Polska S.A., Podkarpacka Komisja Filmowa, Regionalny Fundusz Filmowy w Krakowie, Dolnośląski Fundusz Filmowy, Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych

production manager: Kamil Janik

co-financed by: Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej

distributed by: Telewizja Polska S.A.

Main Competition
Microbudget Film Competition
Short Film Competition