I Am Yours

I Am Yours


Mariusz Grzegorzek

2009, 1 h 45 min

Marta, a 30-year-old doctor, loses control over her life. Her marriage with a decent businessman doesn’t stand the test of time. By chance, she meets a young criminal Artur who mindlessly falls in love with her. A sudden, uncontrollable intimacy results in an unwanted pregnancy Marta wants to abort. Helped by his mother, Artur is determined to save the child. Marta’s sister wants to help her even though her own life is an emotional disaster. Secrets, masks and hidden obsessions burst out with a huge impact.

Written by: Mariusz Grzegorzek
Director of photography: Szymon Lenkowski
Production design by: Mariusz Grzegorzek
Sound: Radosław Ochnio, Mariusz Grzegorzek
Editing: Mariusz Grzegorzek
Costume design by: Magdalena Moskwa
Make-up: Katarzyna Dacko
Production manager: Barbara Grzegorzek
Produced by: Krakatau
Producer: Barbara Grzegorzek, Mariusz Grzegorzek
Distributed by: tbc
World sales: Krakatau
Cast: Małgorzata Buczkowska-Szlenkier (Marta), Mariusz Ostrowski (Artur), Roma Gąsirowska (Alicja), Dorota Kolak (Alicja), Ireneusz Czop (Jacek), Lech Mackiewicz (Konstanty), Dorota Kiełkowicz (a gynecologist’s wife), Anna Sarna (a nurse), Paweł Audykowski (Marta’s father), Andrzej Niemyt (a boy in a bus)
Length: 105 min.

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Konkurs Młodego Kina
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